Veera Vaddo


There is a place not far from the noisy city where you can breathe and relax. The air is fresher here, the sounds are clearer, the water is purer, and the city fuss does not exist. It is just you and nature with breathtaking views of paddy fields and serene mountains, near the beach. Welcome to Veera Vaddo.

The exclusive luxury villas of Veera Vadoo are nestled in the serene and scenic village of Saligao and a few minutes away from the beach belt of North Goa. It's a gated community that is inspired by traditional Goan Architecture. Hence named 'Vaddo' meaning a small village in Goan.

Veera Vaddo comprises of 10 villas, all with full-length spacious living and dining area overlooking the private pool, to match your affluent lifestyle; you can choose it to be your library/gym/cellar/cigar lounge or music room.