Your Guide to buy property in Goa! (Part 2)

In the first part of this blog, we discussed about a few points to consider before you book an apartment in Goa. We all understand the importance our own home holds for an individual and to turn it into that dream, we have taken into consideration a lot of points. For helping you to make an informed choice while you buy a sea-facing villa in Goa, we have made a detailed list. You can also check our other blogs to help you make your purchase.

The advantages of buying out an unfurnished apartment

After reading the last points in the previous blog, you might wonder why you should consider buying yourself a furnished apartment. We, therefore, want to share a couple of advantages with you, which we think are certainly interesting.

1. Long term investment: No one wants to live in an unfurnished or a poorly furnished apartment for a longer period of time. But after a few years, some wear and tear are bound to happen. Also, the possibilities are you might not like the interior you are provided with as your home is your personal space and no one knows your requirements better than yourself. So if you don't want to give someone else money to make choices for you, and tailor your dream while you looked for Candolim apartments for sale for months, you can take matters into your own hands and spend time and money in furnishing the apartment the way you like it. Once personal taste has been added, the work is half done and in a couple of months, you will have your home decorated in accordance with your own personal taste.

2. Fewer worries: When a contract is signed for a longer period or lifetime, and you buy the house, the furnishing becomes your responsibility. This means that there will always be the risk of damages or broken inventory after a few years. But if you buy your own choices you know what you are getting yourself into and can tailor decorate your beach apartment in Goa.

3. Our own purchases tend to make us more satisfied: When you furnish the apartment yourself, this will often lead to higher satisfactory rates, as opposed to apartments that have been decorated by an unknown person who has no inklings of your taste. People prefer having an influence on their home and everything that is inside but doesn't want it completely of someone else's taste.

4. No financial investment: If you don’t invest in furniture and appliances, you save on these expenses. Not spending any money on furnishing means you keep this money in your pocket and you can spend only on the items you require.

5. Minimal investment: If you do want to invest a little, consider equipping the apartment with appliances that are less personal, like a washing machine and a fridge. These items do not affect the look of a property, but they will make your life easier. In addition to that, you don't have to a fixed extra for the items you might not need.

The disadvantages of buying out an unfurnished apartment

And last but not least, there are certain aspects that can be of a less positive influence when buying an unfurnished apartment. Read the most important ones in the text below.

1. The basics: Even if you don’t put furniture in the property, the presence of basic elements (like a fridge, microwave, or washing machine) can be more appealing for a comfortable life. Anything that you add to an unfurnished apartment leads to a higher individual cost like for example the possibility to use air conditioning or heating inside the property on an individual basis can be costly and can interfere with the interior of your sea-facing dream home.

2. Less potential: An apartment not being furnished is what could put you off even though it's a pretty good apartment. Some people are simply looking for accommodation for a certain period of time, and therefore don't care to buy a furnished property. some people have time, energy, and resources for furnishing an entire apartment for themselves. But this is not true for everyone. You might feel drained with the lack of furnishing and searching for the right one. Furnished apartments can give you peace of mind within the budget.

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Even though this was an extensive article with a lot to think about, you could still have a few doubts while you are looking for properties for sale in North Goa. So please know that there is not just one answer to this question. For different kinds of individuals and preferences, there is plenty to say about buying with or without furniture and appliances. It, therefore, depends on you, your budget, and your personal preferences.

You can always contact our proficient staff for professional advice, taking your specific property, and investment into account. Veera Group, which has been a reputed builder and developer for decades now, knows all the ins and outs of managing a range of properties in Delhi- NCR, Goa, India, etc. and this you can choose what suits you best.

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