Is It Safe To Invest In Real Estate and Buy Luxury Apartments In Goa Right Now?

The real estate market is in full boil, currently. A few months back, before lockdown, what was considered to be a rapid plunge, is now a stabilization of prices that, little by little, is increasing in turn. Although the rise in prices isn’t drastic, the revitalization of the sector and the inflating prices, especially in Goa and Delhi, is generating more interest to buy apartments in Goa and Delhi - NCR or investing in real estate in India in general. If you are wondering if you should invest your hard-earned money in real estate, don’t miss this article by Veers Group that has all the researched information curated for you!

Buy Fully Furnished Apartments In Goa – A Profitable Option To Invest In Real Estate

A series of events currently in progress have made investing in housing an excellent opportunity. For example, bank entities, who a few years ago were extremely cautious about permitting mortgages for purchasing a flat, are now much more open. In addition, larger entities are starting to warm up to the possibility of offering 100% of the amount of the property. This makes it easier for small investors to have access to flats that they could not have previously afforded. On the other hand, the prices of luxury apartments in Goa for sale have not increased dramatically, as opposed to rental prices, which have grown exponentially. According to some top real estate portals, real estate investment is four times more profitable than 10-year bonds, meaning that it’s higher than 7.8%. The large increase in demand for rentals is motivated by various factors, among them being the boom in touristic rentals in Goa, as well as the local demand from people who need housing and opt for renting to the detriment of the purchase, due to the bank requirements that they cannot take on.

While it’s true that there is the risk that a certain part of this demand is transferred to the buying of apartments or to buy service apartments in Goa when the banks start to offer mortgages of 100%, it’s more likely that the bank requirements will continue to be more restrictive than before the crisis, and there will always be a part of those in need of housing that resists buying and prefer to rent. Furthermore, the flow of tourists in Goa, for example, has continued to grow, despite the lockdown, making it unanticipated for the demand for touristic rentals, the most lucrative, to fall in the short term. In any case, as with any investment, it is important to advise you to invest in real estate and zones adapted for you to be able to enjoy the real benefit provided by real estate rentals. Because of this, and as we finish helping you to make this major decision, we encourage you to get in contact with a member of our sales department at Veera Group, where we provide all information related to real estate investments in the Calangute, Anjuna, Vagator, and other areas of North and South Goa.

Have you invested in real estate before? Do you think you would prefer to invest in real estate in the Goa and Delhi - NCR area now?

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