How to plan an outdoor movie night in your garden

Enjoying the grand side of life at the comfort of our own home is a dream for many. Some of us buy our own beach house in Goa, with a luxurious pool or some of us buy a holiday home in Goa but not everyone can enjoy the same luxury. During this lockdown period, the comfort of buying a magnificent home has become more prominent as while staying inside we still want to enjoy a little bit of life to refresh us in these glum times.

Here is a how-to guide to turn your garden into a world-class outdoor theatre and enjoy a movie at the comfort of your own home while snacking on delicious popcorn exclusively made with the right amount of butter and spices to cater to your palette. See the stars in your own backyard ... on your DIY big screen, that is.

If you have a home with a backyard or a large lush garden area you have signed up for a perfect deal. That's the reason they say buy a house in Goa or buy a flat in Goa with a developer that gives you the perfect home setting in the perfect location, designed by a perfect architect, and perfectly caters to all your needs.

In the late summers, when the weather is just perfect and the sea winds bring in the fresh aroma of waves, your backyard or porch, desirably near a pool, becomes the perfect setting for family time and date night alike. Combine both, and cue up a movie on your DIY movie screen for a staycation highlight and enjoy your busy indoor weekdays or a spicy weekend.

After buying a beach house in Goa, you want to dip yourself in the luxury it offers. Let us tell you how you can build your own DIY, projection screen. Take a plain white bed sheet or table cloth. Affix it to a fence or a wall. The white sheet will play as a projection screen, and your at-home projector will make movie magic.

A movie night is never complete without a snack station. We will tell you how to experience at your own home, the pleasures of what happens when you buy a holiday home in Goa. Setting up a snack station with seasoned popcorn and traditional confectionery stand candies will make the movie night fun for people of all ages.

If you will buy your pool villa in Goa, you have all the more desirable locations to make the night memorable. Creating a homemade touch is a nice way to personalize the experience. You can do it easily and within a few minutes. All you have to do is, gather a few common household materials — like, canvas dropcloth, painters’ tape, fabric-safe paint, and a roller — and you can craft a custom blanket that feels expensive but only costs a few hundreds. A warm blanket will allow you to cozy up with your date or your family. Also, the stripes lend a nautical look that allows this throw pull double duty as a beach blanket or picnic spread.

Whether you choose action, comedy, or thriller, your backyard movie night at the comfort of your own home in Goa is sure to be a hit. To have the heightened pleasure of owning a house, we will recommend you to check through the Veera Group's website and you will find so many ideal residential options to buy a villa in Goa.

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