How to buy a luxury apartment in Goa?

While the pandemic has affected the stars, the stars won't ruin your home purchase—but they may still affect it. Be ready.

Sunny, idyllic November is peak house-buying season in Goa. But if you’re an astrology enthusiast on the hunt for a home, that timing might seem anything but ideal. Venus is in retrograde, and any astrologer worth her star charts can tell you signing contracts, buying things with moving parts, and making plans is a bad idea when the tiny planet appears to be moving backward.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a home in Venus Retrograde—it just means you should approach it differently. We asked some astrologers on how to buy a home in Goa when it seems like the stars are stacked against you.

Wanna buy a flat in Goa - Don’t put off a purchase.

Even an astrologer will tell you the real estate market doesn’t obey the stars. That sweet little mid-century mod house you’ve got your eye on may not be there if you wait till you have a good horoscope. “My clients often ask if they should put off buying houses during Venus Retrograde,” the astrologer says. “We all live in the real world. We have to keep working and signing contracts no matter what Venus is doing. You will not be smitten by the gods.”

If that seems surprising coming from an astrologist, think about it this way: the cosmos don’t determine what absolutely will happen, but the conditions under which certain things are more likely to happen—so just be ready for it. When Venus is in Retrograde, know that misunderstandings are common, says the astrologer.

Planning to buy a beach house in Goa - Scrutinize contracts.

Details get lost in the chaos from the cosmos, so be on the hunt for errors. “Read all contracts twice,” the astrologer suggests. “Then read them again. Then have someone else read them for you.” Take nothing for granted. Make sure your name is spelled correctly, your middle initial is included, and the property address is exact. An error as minor as the home address missing an alphabet or a small mistake of "Vihar" in place of "Nagar" can derail the deal or cost you time and money.

Being detail-oriented and nitpicky helps a lot here. “Use (Venus Retrograde) as context. It’s like a weather report. If it’s going to rain you bring an umbrella. If you’re buying a home in Venus Retrograde, you’re on the lookout for problems in the fine print.”

While you Buy a Luxury Villa in Goa - Lean on people you trust.

Since the stars have it in for you, keep good people close. It’s a good time to reconnect with people you trust to review the choices you’re making and the things you’re focusing on. Because guess who might be one of the people in your home-buying process making mistakes? (It’s you.)

Does your best friend always give you the best advice? Text her a link to the house you’re looking at and see what she says. Worried the cosmos might curse you with black mold and bad plumbing? Ask your buddy who’s a licensed contractor to look at the house before you take a tour.

Wanna Buy home in Goa - Go slow.

Venus Retrograde has a purpose, despite its bad reputation. The cosmos is telling you to hit the pause button on life and to review and reflect your actions. So use it as a reason to bring mindfulness to a home purchase, and don’t rush. If you rush, you’ll make mistakes.

Pay attention to how you are feeling, what you are seeing, and what is happening. Make sure you’re not buying in a frenzied state, and that this is the right house for you. And that can be a good thing. Taking the time to slow down and rethink everything about a house before making an offer can lead to some serious clarity.

“So Venus Retrograde can be a useful pain,” explains the astrologer.

Look out for others’ mistakes.

You’re not the only one who will be rushing around making mistakes when Mercury’s in retrograde.

If you are planning to buy luxury flats and apartments in Goa, you need to be mindful.

You have to look out for everyone who has anything to do with your house purchase. It’s not just your mistakes that will disrupt buying a home. It can be your bank’s mistakes. It can be the loan manager’s mistakes. It can be the agent’s mistakes.

Because all of us live under the power of the cosmos. And as anyone who’s bought a house can tell you, there are a million little things that can go wrong. Don’t hesitate to challenge the broker or flinch from asking questions. This is the time to verify everything.

When you are buying your dream house wait out the shadow.

Venus retrograde ends soon, when the little planet stops moving backward. But astrologers assert there will be a few shadow days when Venus’s still making lives difficult here on Earth. You’ll still want to be a little careful.

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