Villas in Goa

Goa is a very popular destination not just in India but all over the world. A destination well known for its beaches and the only place in India with the availability of all kinds of liquor and liqueurs, (Drinks with alcohol above 50% is only available in Goa, in the whole of India) thus making it one of the most preferable destinations for booze lovers, eventually a great tourist spot and a great business opportunity for hotels and homestays.

There are quite a few tourists who have made Goa like their second home and thus spend a major part of year staying there and thus hotels turn out to be expensive that’s when different housing schemes comes handy where one can always buy houses ranging from huge villas in goa to small size fully furnished apartment for sale. Generally, the tourists who come in groups (talking about a group of friends, 7-8 people) they also prefer staying in rented houses which vary from different kind of apartments such as service apartments, luxurious apartments which usually are owned by the locals but are transferred into homestays for business purposes. Buying a flat or buying a villa, but if your plans are using it for commercial purposes, like converting it into homestay or restaurant.

Buying an apartment in Goa would be the best decision one can ever make when it comes in context with investment, with tourist booming in that small coastal state every day, the need of homestays and hotels also increases. When you end up buying a property in Goa, blindly just tag it has your retirement home and start living in there with your retirement savings and relax out for all time. Another best idea would be to turn that house into a homestay for tourist; the best here would be to buy a fully furnished apartment which provides the basic ammonites to short term guest as well as long term guest. Internal trade in Goa also supports a major chunk of business where property trading works much similar to how the barter system used to work. Luxurious apartments in Goa are often made available. They are later turned into fully furnished flats in Goa are quite a normal scenario. The apartments are then used for either personal use, or they are converted into a homestay, or it may even be later sold to a third party at higher rates to earn extra profits in a single go.

The next big thing is the villas in Goa that are usually away from the city and are often found near beaches, the ones near shore are often made into the luxurious villa for tourist, and provide them with a personal space too. While buying a Goa villa is not just a luxury but also a style statement, many owners give away their property for movie\serial shooting only. The private open beachfront that is considered to be a USP of many luxurious villas which gives free space to foreigners, personalities, and its also used for shooting of movies and serials.

Luxury apartments in Goa may range from lakhs to even in cores depending upon the size of the property, the locality, and the amenities available in there. One buying such a house can be his retirement home or part of their investment/business plan or even a weekend home.

Portuguese are said to be the first arrivals in Goa through the sea, and thus one can always find a bit of Portuguese architecture in each and every house of Goa. Be Villas of Goa or small size apartments, like service apartments, or high-end luxurious apartments of Goa. One can always feel the traditional touch in all its building, interior or exterior.

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