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Explore Veera Luxury Beachside Property for Sale in Goa | Buy Beach House in Goa – COVID-19

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Their projects include Veera Strand Park Goa which offers luxury fully furnished serviced apartments for sale in Calangute, North Goa with world-class facilities, Veera Casa – the enchanting cluster of villas serving nature in the plate every minute of the day, Veera Vaddo – the élite luxury villas available for sale in Goa with everything you can dream of in your dream house from views to private pools, from interiors to an exterior adorned with verdant gardens. There are several other properties and projects available to buy across India, including Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Goa, and more including Veera Prestige, Veera Harbor, Veera FFM Hotel, Veera Atlinho

buying a beach house in Goa

About VeeraGoa- 

Established in 1981, Veera Developers Group, have developed several premium residential and commercial projects in Goa, Delhi – NCR, and Rajasthan. With a keen eye to maintain the Zen between natural landscapes, amazingly comfortable locations, and world-class architectural designs and interiors with top-notch amenities, they have established themselves as the foremost reputed luxury real estate builders in Goa.

Goa – A pocket-sized paradise in India

Sifting its identity, culture, food, spirituality, and architecture from centuries of influence of a myriad of foreign cultures, majorly Portuguese (for example – the tropical spice plantation), enriched with bounties of nature in form of the sun, sand, sea, tropical climate, several rivers, picturesque waterfalls and so much more, Goa is god’s dream home on earth.

Goa Beaches: An enchanting gift of nature

A tropical paradise to anyone visiting, the beaches of Goa are a huge draw for tourists from around the world. With a glorious coastline spanning along the Arabian sea and some of the most enchanting, expansive groomed, golden sand beaches of the country, swaying palm groves, picturesque sunsets, shacks on the beach, seafood and drinks, parties, water sports, massage, and yoga… you will find everything here. Some beaches are laid-back, perfect for relaxation, while others are more happening places, thus each beach in Goa has its own distinct personality and reputation, bringing something different yet special to the table, to make you every visit distinctly memorable. To buy an apartment near any of the beaches in goa is a magnificent splendor that each one of us wants to own. Veera group has made available several luxury properties in Goa with top-notch amenities at par with the highest standards of living.

Swaying Palms and Tranquil Rivers – A Sanctuary of Spirituality and Yoga

In the hustle and bustle of life, we don’t get enough time to relax our inner self as we get stuck between the busy life of the city and high intensities of pollution, leaving us dream of coming to home burrowed between bounties of nature as if in the oasis of mindfulness nestled along the serene coastlines of Goa, where you can rise up with the sun and enjoy some yoga in the early hours cuddled up with the warm sand soothing more than just your skin. The long enchanting beaches of Goa with golden sun rays, swinging foliage, and rustling waves gives you perfect Zen and perfect tan.

The Tropical Spices Adding Spice to Life

Goa is majorly influenced by centuries of Portuguese rule and the colonial heritage they bought with themselves as they came here lured by the rich exotic spices and cuisine of the East. Their indelible mark is still evident in the state’s baroque architecture, whitewashed churches, crumbling forts, colorful Catholic ceremonies, mournful fado music, and the stunning cathedrals of Old Goa.

Discover Veera Property for Sale – Luxury Apartments and Villas to Buy in North Goa

A historic melting pot of multifaceted culture celebrated diversity, and varied landscapes, the Goa offers numerous luxury properties for sale and buy scattered from coast to coast. Veera Group of developers offers an urban metropolis surrounded by lush and otherworldly natural beauty and amenities that are synonymous with high-end living. Goa greets visitors with a colorful cultural scene and vibrant nightlife, enticing visitors to buy oceanfront luxury villa or apartments just a stone’s throw away from nearby beach bars and night clubs. North Goa is an eminent family-friendly destination, offering visitors a classic experience of Arabian Sea Coast sparkling with warm ocean waters ebbing gently onto golden sand beaches welcoming you heartedly with varied landscapes and a wealth of culture. Veera homes translate the dream of having perfect homes to reality. Browse through our projects and see for yourselves.


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