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Townships Apartments Or Standalone Villas – A Potential Home Buyers Guide to choose!

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Last updated on July 20, 2020

When we decide to buy a home, our decision is influenced and deviated by several considerable factors and after analyzing and bethinking them over time, we get to a final conclusion.

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Buying a home whether it’s an apartment or a Buy luxury villa in Goa, is a long term investment having a strong influence on our future. Property decision can’t be based only on one or two factors like if the home is sea-facing or there is a pool or is it a 2 BHK or a 3 BHK home. Everything from location to size, from facilities to surrounding, from luxury to accessibility, from convenience to amenities, from maintenance cost to budget, everything should be taken under consideration in synchronization. Moreover, like all the big decisions in life buying a villa means to regard all the factors and aspects of where we stand in life, we have to prioritize all the stuff going on before making a final decision.

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Therefore as a home buyer, we need to look into every small aspect with keen precision and compare and balance our priorities accordingly. We might need to make some compromises too according to what we need more and what might be less important. These prioritization and compromises help us decide what would be suitable for us and should we choose – Townships Apartments Or Standalone Luxury Villas. Both these options hold a clear advantage over others, so it would be biased to say that one is better than the other. Two years back I made a purchase of a luxury 3BHK apartment with Veera Group, in Calangute, North Goa. The project named Veera Strand Park Goa offers so much that I am still so excited about my apartment. Generally, with gated communities or townships we get a wider range of amenities, verdant green spaces, and probably swimming pools.

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This was one of the most lucrative reasons I made the choice over a stand-alone villa. Buyers with retired parents and small children also prefer townships because their families usually have enough to keep themselves occupied both in terms of activities as well as a company. The facilities offered include fully furnished, pool, gym, yoga room, parking, hospitality, convenience, and the location was also very comfortable with all the markets and schools, colleges, hospitals nearby. The beach was within walking distance. The 24*7 security added a sense of belonging and safety with peace of mind. There were several other factors that helped me to make this choice. If in future I wanted to shift to a luxury villa then I can use this apartment as a serviced apartment, and the developer was providing easy means to make this possible. I spoke to several other owners who have been using their apartment as serviced residency for guest and they happily shared how safe and hassle-free it was as the developer themselves were providing very subtle aid regarding the same. So in the future, I was free to move to a new bigger standalone home.

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Now when we talk about stand-alone homes, luxury villas, mansions choices within a particular location tend to be plentiful, and therefore homebuyers have several choices within a particular micro-market. They are often within city limits and public transport tends to be more easily accessible thereby making commuting easier and shorter. But the consideration is where to find the choicest home. 

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As I have had an amazing experience with Veera Group, one of the most Reputed Builders in Goa, I have finalized Veera Vadoo – Buy Luxury Villas in Goa by Veera Group which will soon be available for sale. These are exceptional poolside Villas with large deck, fully furnished, beautiful balconies, and with world-class interiors, and all within a surprising budget. Additionally, with large parcels of Greenland, views of verdant lush paddy fields, walking distance to pool, amenities and open spaces; they are one of the best choices possible.


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Lastly and most importantly, it’s important to consider the pricing, your budget, and investment angle to choose between a society apartment and a luxury villa.  From an investment perspective, however, all things considered equal, percentage increases in prices are driven more by the quality and maintenance of the complex or building, and therefore picking a clear winner based purely on the size of development will be accurate. At the end of the day, the favorability of a property for potential home-owners still depends largely on his/her needs, sentiment, and economic position at the time of purchase. Averagely, while bachelor’s and people just starting with their family prefer an apartment as of the security, society, and other comforts it provides. But once we are more settled and self capable of tackling all the large needs, and the budget is also better, one prefers their own luxury villa with all the top-notch amenities to enjoy life in style.

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