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SMART HOMES: NEED OF THE HOUR, Buy Apartments and villas in Goa

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Last updated on July 20, 2020

Smart homes are no more a luxury, they have become a necessity.

The contemporary lifestyle demands convenience and security, and the smart homes offer them both. The modern home buyers do not hesitate in spending some extra to get all the smart devices installed in their house. The technology has placed every control on our fingertips. As such, the number of smart homes is growing and so are the smart buyers. Most of the buyers seek the house which is already installed with the smart equipment, rather than arranging for them themselves. The demand for this kind of house is growing fast in India and it is estimated that the revenue doubles every three years.

What are the buyers looking for?

Not only the security equipment but the buyers are also interested in the state of art smart devices connected to the mobiles or computers. They can be operated easily and remotely. Some sensor-based equipment like the lights which are switched ON when someone enters the room or the voice command based electrical systems are very popular. The home buyers are also contributing to the betterment of the world and prefer the technology that draws the power from natural resources like Sun, Wind, and Water. Instead of relying on conventional power sources, they are contributing to a better world with alternate sources of energy.

The upfront cost of such devices may be high but in the long-term, they are quite profitable. They need less maintenance and last longer. All the systems are energy-efficient and save money.

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Why are smart homes increasing?

1. The buyers need technology

Today’s home buyers want to control in their hands. If a work can be done conveniently why not go some extra lengths to get that. The buyers want to make the most of the technology, a single remote can control all the devices and who needs a remote when you can download software in your mobile and manage it all. These systems are user-friendly. Hence, buyers want the technology that is convenient and within budget.

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2. Young people are buying homes

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The young people are earning more than they require and a lot of disposable income is at their hands. They can avail the loan on the house and the age of buying a house has reduced significantly. As such, they want it all in their new house. While young people do not seek a house for long acquisition, they want the stay as comfortable as possible.

3. Economical in long terms

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Modern equipment save energy and some also work on natural resources, hence economical. The buyers get to save on the electricity bills. These devices also do not contribute to global warming. Young people understand their responsibilities and hence, they are spending more on such houses.

4. Security is the prime concern

This goes without saying that the old lock and latch system cannot be trusted today. The buyers want the best of the security systems like CCTV, digital lock, automatic visitor’s log, etc.

Thus, smart homes are growing and the growth is sustainable. Many builders are offering these facilities in affordable housing too. The luxurious homes may have better responsive systems but the security systems in the apartments are no longer poor. In Goa too, many builders are coming up with the smart projects, they are going to change the face of the housing in the city. For any queries related to reality trends and what property to buy, you can contact us.

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