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Now buy a holiday home in Goa without any worries, Essential things to include in your new home to make it a smart home

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Last updated on July 20, 2020


Goa is a heart-rendering destination for the lover of travel or even someone who loves the beach, grab the flight to land in Goa just like that. However, if you visit Goa when you get the time and want to make most of your Goa trip then it is a suggestion that you must buy a holiday home in Goa. That too, having an automated home in Goa for the vacation will be an amazing thing.

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Think of the time when we used to dream of a clapping sound to make light off and on. How does it feel? Heavenly right? Then here is the good news for you, you can have that feel come true in your life. How? you must be thinking. We have the technology today which is thriving amazingly today. From an electric bulb to food making robots, science has done a great job.

Now, science has gone to way out to get the solution for our daily life functions. You just have to clap to turn on the lights or even of them. Even if you are having thoughts to buy holiday home in Goa then you must try home automation. However, if you want to know about the need for home automation then you must keep following this post.

The need for home automation in Goa

1- Safety comes first

One of the things is to care about is security. If you are going to visit your house after 2,3 months or maybe once in a month, then you will be getting worried about your house safety. Here comes the role of IoT, with which you can have a virtual eye on your house in Goa. You can get the notification about any activity happening there without your concern. So, with the automated system, you can buy pool villa in Goa without any tension.


2- Security at its best

Most of the people choosing to make their home automated because the system offers a great security level. This high-end technology collects the data when you are at home when you go out with sensors and connected devices as well. So, by using the appropriate tools, you can turn off the devices, close the door of your home, or even switch off the TV, etc. which you forgot to do while leaving home, with some clicks on an app. Now, don’t you think it’s simple to buy property in Goa? For any further assistance, we are here for you.


3- Energy saving made easy

With the awesome system offered by IoT, you are able to control the temperature of your house. Now, this also gives you an advantage in 48% of energy saving. If you buy apartment in Goa and turn it down into a smart home such as smart thermostats, smart lighting, and smart appliances then you will be able to control all of them in a prompted way. So, with the automated system, you can save on energy on an impressive level.


Essential things to include in your new house to make it a smart home

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1- Ring video doorbell 2

To get started with your new house in Goa, one of the first things to install is a Ring video doorbell. Now, this device is highly recommended. However, the setup for the device is as easy as that. Along with that, you are able to track any motion on your door and the battery is long-lasting adding a strong feature to it.

If you are the folks who focus on motion tracking or any kind of security, then this device is highly recommended. Once you buy beach house in Goayou need to install this super useful device there.


2- Best smart speaker: Amazon Echo

You can’t find any best smart and good sound speaker other than Amazon Echo. Amazon is serving best with its Amazon Echo studio. Not only this, but it is a flexible, multipurpose serving device that comes at an affordable rate.

You can feel the bombastic sound and it’s a power pack of smart home with highly reliable assistance technology. You can feel your favorite song in 3D audio effects. To add up more goodness you can connect this device with Amazon Fire TV as well.  When you are going to buy apartment in Goayou must consider contacting an automation installing agency to get started with this.

3- Smart light bulb: Philips Hue

Well, a trip house in Goa would be a great idea to shake up your worries. Hence, the moment you have decided to step up in your life and buy beach house in Goayou will be searching out for mind-blasting smart bulb options. Well, nothing can beat Philips, in this race.

If you want to add up great lighting to your house, you can give a thought to Philips Hue Bulbs comes with a hub lighting system called Philips Bridge. You are able to control it with many of the smart things such as HomeKit, Nest, Samsung Smart Things.

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4- Smart security camera: Arlo Pro 3

First thing first, a holiday house is a house that also needs to be taken care of as your main house. To ensure the security of your house you can rely on the Arlo Pro 3. This device comes with many of the advanced systems such as a built-in siren and you can control it online as well.

You can get a view of 160 degrees, along with night vision and two-way audio as well. To add up more, you can get features like automatic zooming and motion tracking. It knows when the need for tracking arises and starts recording them. It is compatible with Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa etc.


You can also choose to buy a smart home to skip any hassle. Although making up a smart home will be including and setup as per your preference. So, it will be a good idea to customize your smart house with your hands. Apart from that if you want to buy land in Goa then you must check out the places where you can live with your family.

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