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Buy Beach House in Goa | Buy Villas in Goa | Buy Luxury Villa in Goa

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Established in 1981, Veera Developers Group, have developed several premium residential and commercial projects in Goa, Delhi – NCR, and Rajasthan. Inspired by classic styles coupled with opulence, world-class architectural designs, and modern amenities, we have established ourselves as one of the foremost reputed luxury real estate builders in Goa.

Our projects include Veera Strand Park Goa which offers luxury fully furnished serviced apartments for sale in Calangute, North Goa with state of the art facilities, Veera Casa – a cluster of nine lavishly designed villas that are nestled in the heart of nature, Veera Vaddo – opulent luxury villas available for sale in Goa with an eye for all things luxe, private pools plush interiors and verdant gardens. For an unparalleled luxury experience, we offer you only the very best in real estate, pick from one of our properties across India, including Delhi NCR, Rajasthan, Goa, and more including Veera Prestige, Veera Harbor, Veera FFM Hotel, Veera Atlinho
Buy Villas in Goa
Explore Veera Luxury Beachside Property for Sale in Goa

A pocket-sized paradise in India

Goa sifts its identity, culture, food, spirituality, and architecture from centuries of influence of myriad foreign, mainly the Portuguese who have left a strong mark on the landscape of Goa. With plenty of suns, blue seas, tropical weather, and picturesque vistas, Goa truly is paradise on earth.

Goa Beaches: An enchanting gift of nature:-

A lush tropical haven for anyone visiting, the beaches of Goa are a huge attraction for tourists from around the globe. With a glorious coastline spanning along the Arabian Sea, Goa offers an abundance of experience for everyone coming to the island like state. Beautiful golden sand beaches, swaying palms, picturesque sunsets, sundowners, therapeutic spa services, taste bud tingling food, water sports, and yoga, Goa is the perfect location for a staycation! Living close to the beach is a dream familiar to many, whether it’s an early morning run or a late nightcap at a lively shack, living along the coast has its own charm. At Veera, we understand the need for tranquil and peace, which is why we have made available several luxury properties in Goa with upscale amenities at par with the highest standards of living.

Swaying Palms and Tranquil Rivers – A Sanctuary of Spirituality and Yoga

Logging in precious hours on jam-packed streets and keeping up with a busy city life can be both exhausting and overwhelming. Bright big city lights tend to shift our focus from the inside to the outside. However, coming home to Goa allows you time for self-introspection and connecting with your innermost thoughts and feelings. Imagine waking up with the sun and doing your sun salutations at the beach. Life in Goa gives you the best of both worlds, your morning can be spent in peaceful quiet while your evenings will be lit up with international music and sophisticated cuisines.

The Tropical Spices Adding Spice to Life

Goa is majorly influenced by centuries of Portuguese rule and colonial heritage. Their indelible mark is still evident in the state’s baroque architecture, whitewashed churches, crumbling forts, colorful Catholic ceremonies, fado music, and the stunning cathedrals of Old Goa, even in the modern-day residential and commercial spaces available. Modern homes being built in Goa still uphold the classic tones of Portuguese architecture. The dynamic, insightful architects at Veera Developers work round the clock to ensure that the designs of our homes are contemporary yet at the same time uphold intricate details of the yesteryears. Whether it is the subtle color tones, beautiful patterned tiles, or the façade of the house, we bring you the very best for your homes.
Buying apartments and villas
Discover Veera Property for Sale – Luxury Apartments and Villas to Buy in North Goa

A historic melting pot of multifaceted culture celebrated diversity, and varied landscapes, Goa’s coastline is now decorated with innumerable luxury properties for buying and selling. At Veera, we provide you an urban home set in an Arcadian landscape. Our homes are opulent get away from the big city life. With Veera, you can rest assured that you will experience refined comfort and an array of modern amenities in the salubrious surroundings. Goa offers its people unfettered good times. Owning a luxury home a stone’s throw away from the beach is no longer wishful thinking. North Goa is now an eminent family-friendly destination, offering visitors a classic experience of sparkling coasts, enviable views, international cuisines, and a colorful nightlife for the discerBning traveler. Our homes at Veera are a bastion of modern luxury with authenticity being the leitmotif of our designs. Onboard at Veera we promise you a 5-star slice of the city of Goa. Peruse through our projects for a detailed idea of our work.

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