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Affordable Luxury Beach Villas in Goa is now possible with Veera Goa

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Last updated on July 20, 2020


Girl chilled beer in your hand


Walking barefoot through the warm sand on your toes while a small, gentle wave crashes on your ankles softly, your loose hairs rustling in the beach breeze with swaying palm trees as if nature is trying to whisper the secrets of the bounty it holds in your ears, you touch the seashells near your feet, picking up a few to take as the memory of happiness home, dolphins breaching in the far view with a splash, and with a bottle of chilled beer in your hand while sipping on more than just a drink, you take a long calming walk in tranquility and peace after having a long day at work.


buy a fully furnished apartment near the beach in Goa!

Sounds like a dream right? You can never afford to buy a fully furnished apartment near the beach in Goa! While you spend half your workday staring out of your window, fantasizing your next vacation, some time for yourself, away from this hustle and bustle, the reality seems to kick in, work looks more tiring, the manager looks more arrogant, the gossips echoes louder, days look longer, and you can’t seem to find a break from it. It’s the same yet another day. Once you go back home, it would be the same boring and tiring night. That’s when you start cursing that why can’t some smart and repute builder or developer in Goa can build homes/apartments or villas that are near beach yet affordable. It wouldn’t kill to have a nice balcony view of large paddy field and sun filtering through them. A verdant verandah for your future kids to play, a sparkling private pool with a deck where you can bask in the glory of nature and find some moments to enjoy this to ring work-centric life.

What if we tell you it’s possible and it’s affordable that too “right after work” every single day—right outside your door? You will think it’s a joke, that’s not possible, after all, how can you buy a property in Goa in your budget. It’s as possible as the beach walking up to the plains to cool the blazing summers of Delhi and surrounding plains. Buying apartments and villas in the goal are so exorbitant that you can’t even imagine having one on your own. Maybe if you save for a decade, you can think of one. But we have good news for you, yes the real one! Affordable beachfront living does exist, even within your city bounds with all the luxury and world-class amenities, all we needed was a reputed builder in Goa to think about it.

fully furnished luxury villas

We have found a beach community at a prime location with everything you have dreamed of within your budget. So go ahead and live the sunny, sandy dream of palms and pineapples. Get your tan, basking under the warm sun and cool breeze with sunglasses and flip flops on or sip on smoothies or coconuts. Take a dip in the sea or have some fun at the beach, jog, walk, or bike. Let the crashing waves and sea life be your muse and let the inner artist breathe. Capture some priceless moments or paint the beauteous landscape or write some poetry. Your at-home beach is waiting for you.

Veera Vaddo, Goa – fully furnished luxury villas by Veera Developers offers you everything you have dreamed of. With swoon-worthy interiors, high-class facilities, preferable location with the market, and amazing restaurants within walking distance, it’s a more affordable alternative to the city no matter if you’re into the beach life or not. Anything you need is within walking or short driving distance.

There is something about beach neighborhoods that can’t replace anything in the world. The first ray of sunrise bringing in the fresh smell of seawater with chirping birds and splashing waves is exciting and tranquil, both at the same time. It gives you a reason to wake up to go by your day, to breathe, to live. Veera Vaddo is not only near the beach but the inhouse pool, verdant garden, the morning view of evergreen paddy fields fills you with a feeling of experiencing divinity with every breath and even in those days when you can’t walk out of the home, you will be living in a home which will still give you the feel of being on vacation without leaving home.

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